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At KMA Consultants Inc., we believe charities and not-for-profits make the world a better place. You bring vision, commitment and a deep understanding of the change that is needed in our world. But you can’t be an expert in everything. Nor can you always have the perspective needed for every situation. And organizations often need additional support to raise the funds that fuel their mission.

That’s why people come to us. We're a full-service consulting company with in-depth experience in fundraising, communications and constituency relations. We bring our skill and a passion for service to your fundraising projects. Together, we work for your success.

Our Services

Moving you forward

Sometimes you need specialized techniques, tools and ideas to move forward. Contact us any time to discuss your needs. After an initial discussion, you can ask us for a no-obligation proposal customized for your situation.

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Our People

Expanding your capacity

KMA Consultants was founded in 1995 by three individuals. They determined that by combining their diverse and significant not-for-profit experience, they could help other organizations meet their development goals. Click on a name to learn more about the founders and principals of KMA.


Our Approach

Meeting your needs

Each charity and not-for-profit organization is unique. We help you apply the best practices and proven techniques to your specific goals and circumstances.

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