Larry Matthews

Larry Matthews, CFRE, vice president of KMA Consultants, began his career as a daily newspaper reporter in New Brunswick and Ontario, and is an award-winning writer.

His interest in not-for-profit agencies led him to 15 years of church denominational program management, communications, fundraising, and constituency research. As both staff and a volunteer, he has broad experience in situation analysis and planning in not-for-profit agencies.

In 1990 he began to focus on fundraising as an exercise in effective communications and healthy constituency relations. Choosing to concentrate on not-for-profit fundraising, he became one of the founders of KMA.

In addition to specific fundraising knowledge, he brings to KMA his experience in qualitative and quantitative research, communication planning, and communication production for both non-profit and for-profit organizations. Clients appreciate his ability to grasp their core concerns and then devise research tools (interview guides, group discussion guides, questionnaires etc.) to explore those concerns. 

Further, he has developed case materials for a wide variety of clients and is adept at helping create consensus among stakeholders through the case development process.