Ron McClory 1944-2016

From KMA President Ken MacLeod

I'm saddened to report the death, on Oct 4, 2016 of Ron McClory, my mentor, friend and business partner over the past 25 years. Ron's funeral service was held October 7, 2016 in Toronto. In 1995, Ron, Larry Matthews and I created KMA Consultants to serve charities in Canada. We respected Ron for his knowledge, experience and expertise; we loved him for his friendship, humour and generosity. To our clients, Ron was their consultant who also became their friend. He will be dearly missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Janet, daughter Kimberly and granddaughter Tyler and other family members.

Prior to becoming Vice-President of KMA Consultants, Ron McClory held several key leadership positions in Canadian non-profit organizations that gave him experience all over North America. 

A Certified General Accountant, he had been executive director of the Canadian Cancer Society (Ontario Division) and the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario. He held three executive positions with the Canadian Red Cross and served as executive director of the Canadian Liver Foundation.

For almost 10 years, he was president of a fundraising, communications, and management consulting firm serving not-for-profit agencies. Clients included universities and colleges, hospitals, independent schools, museums, community theatres, performing groups, and social-service organizations across Canada and the United States. Capital campaign goals achieved under his supervision ranged from $3 million to $75 million. 

In 1995 he began his collaboration with KMA. Ron’s experience gained in every aspect of fundraising, with a diverse array of clients in the United States and Canada, was a valuable resource for KMA clients, who relied on him to bring strategic insight to their campaigns.