Canada’s original “call-to-action” figure

Steve Thomas is Chairman and Executive Creative Director of the company he founded in 1980, Stephen Thomas Ltd. A fundraiser for over 40 years, he is often described as the ‘Guru’ of Canadian direct response fundraising. His firm was Canada’s first direct response fundraising agency working exclusively in the not-for-profit sector.

Working for donors – raising impact, reducing risk, making a difference

An interview with Terry Smith, founder, President and CEO of in Toronto, ON.

For nearly nine years Terry Smith has provided a unique service to Canadian donors through her company Terry advises donors on how to, as she describes it “reduce their risk and increase the impact of their philanthropic giving.” Her clients typically are wealthy individuals, families and foundations – people who want assistance in making strategic philanthropic decisions and /or help in administering grants and ensuring accountability from recipients.

Whether health care or social service- it's about connecting people to what they’re already part of

An interview with Kimberly Harmsen, Manager, Annual & Special Giving, Union Gospel Mission, Vancouver, BC

Emily the fundraiser breaks through

Let me tell you about Emily* the fundraiser.

A young woman knocked on my door one recent evening, part of a team going door-to-door canvassing for the Alzheimer’s Society. It was cold, it was dark, and a strong wind whipped down the street.

I opened the door and the young woman unveiled a thousand-watt smile.

Thank God for the Volunteer

Officially, volunteer appreciation week is in April. But my appreciation for volunteers mushrooms on the first Saturday in November.

That’s when we open our church for the beginning of another season of Out of the Cold. Each Saturday night for 22 weeks, we’ll offer dinner to 125 or so people. About 60 will stay the night (our limit) and get a hot breakfast in the morning before returning to the streets and landing at the next location for Sunday night. We add in some clothes, some informal counselling, and lots of conversation.