Part 2- The desires of your donors

We have learned a great deal by interviewing donors over the past 19 years, and out of their far-ranging comments we have summarized what they're looking for in organizations they are enthusiastic about supporting.

Part 1 was posted November 8, 2013 and is found here:

8. Leadership“Show us how that you are helping set the pace in your field.”

The desires of your donors

(Part 1 of 2)

My colleagues and I have interviewed hundreds of people, exploring the likelihood that current supporters of our clients might endorse and support some proposed initiative. The interviews are confidential — we don’t report what individuals say—but their comments strongly influence the advice we give.

In the process we have learned that donors from coast to coast want the same things. As one client said to us, what we list here is now the price of admission to being considered for significant support.

Is this your organization? Then don’t rush into a major gifts campaign

Look around you. You may be able to save yourself the time and expense of conducting a campaign feasibility study. (At KMA we call it a planning study because we assess feasibility, and also produce a campaign plan.)  

Just look for these six signals that you may not be on the verge of greatness if you have a campaign now.