30 e-mails in 45 days from 1 charity: seems like a lot to me

I’ve started analyzing the responses received from the 12 unsolicited donations I made to various charities with which I’ve had no prior dealings. The beginning of this experiment is described in blog post of Nov. 27 (here). https://www.kmaconsultants.ca/blog/welcome-white-mail-experiment

As of today, one charity has yet to respond. Maybe I’ll get a receipt by the late-February deadline. All others have responded, with varying degrees of speed and intensity. But as I organize my initial observations for reporting later, one really stands out.

Due to my haste and carelessness, instead of making a gift to a Canadian environmental charity we had chosen as unwitting participant in our test, I made an online gift to its U.S. counterpart.

That started something. Between November 18 to January 3 (date of the gift, and date of grabbing the screen shot below) I received 30 e-mails. That’s 30 e-mails in 45 days. They’re still coming, although the pace has slowed to a couple a week.

In the physical mail, I received a hearty membership and welcome package. The “welcome” e-mails also included links that took me to a personalized web portalr that I can customize to my own interests within their cause.

I’m not sure what to make of all that. The number of messages seems excessive. The web site interaction is impressive, in a geeky ‘look-at-me’ sort of way. But does it all work? I don’t know. So I’m approaching the organization to see if they’ll comment on their approach and its effectiveness.

For now, if you browse the subject lines to below you’ll get an idea of the tack being taken. Meanwhile, it appears that I missed my opportunity to make a Cyber Monday gift!