Making Your Case For Support

Case work is about both the head and heart of the donor. Your challenge is to evaluate your organization through eyes of the discriminating donor -- and then to describe your work in ways that resonate with the donor’s motivations.

KMA will help you develop and write a complete case for support for your organization, capital campaign or annual fund. A "Case for Support" is an up-to-date portrait of a not-for-profit organization. If well done, the case is a valuable resource for marketing, communication planning, recruitment of volunteers and orientation of volunteers and staff.

What is a ‘Case for Support?’

The term “Case for Support” is used freely in fundraising to refer to more than one necessary tool. KMA makes two key distinctions: the organizational case for support, and the project case for support.

  • The organizational case for support is an up-to-date snapshot of a not-for-profit organization at a point in time. It should be reviewed and updated at least annually. It reflects the shared vision for your organization from the point of view of the Board, leadership staff, key donor groups and other important influences. This document provides valuable source material for all marketing communications.

  • The project case for support has a narrower focus, presenting the rationale for a particular appeal, or campaign or fundraising project. It outlines the requirements for successful execution of the project, and conveys what the project seeks to achieve and why.

As prepared by KMA, the Case for Support focuses on the mission and vision of your organization. Our discovery process evokes the insights and passions of your people, and the case is then written to appeal to the intellect and heart, to demonstrate just how your organization makes a difference in the lives of the people and communities you serve.