Congregational Capital Campaigns

KMA is highly sensitized to the dynamics of church-based fundraising, and collaborates closely with its church clients to ensure that the ethos and style of the church is well reflected in campaign. At the same time KMA will advocate strongly for proven, sound campaign principles. Together, a church and KMA can ensure a congregation’s experience of a campaign is both fiscally productive and spiritually enriching.

The Congregational Capital Campaign

Wherever a congregation is actively engaged in the community and reaching out, it will at some point face the challenge of raising funds and building. Raising funds can certainly prove a daunting task, yet examples abound of clergy and congregations conducting fundraising and building campaigns that are financially successful, advance the ministry and build up people spiritually. They’re doing it with faith, vision and great courage. As consultants experienced in working with churches on capital campaigns, we have distilled some of our findings that might be of help to you.

To KMA, the outcome of any church fundraising program should be:

  • Elevated understanding of the vision of the church community;

  • Broader ownership of the goals of the church;

  • Deeper financial commitment;

  • Heightened sense of community,

  • A sense of accomplishment for all concerned.

We promote the concept of fundraising as an integral part of the life and ministry of the congregation. People are encouraged to contribute as an act of faith, in gratitude and trust, and to accomplish a defined purpose. Well-conducted giving programs and campaigns become vehicles for growth in unity and in the shared understanding of the mission of the community.

Six Major Benefits of an Effective Congregational Campaign

An effective campaign

1. Raises money to help a congregation fulfil its mission

2. Spiritually benefits individuals and the church

3. Heightens unity, camaraderie, and a sense of vision and mission

4. Helps the churche focus on the stewardship and discipline of managing one’s money

5. Builds momentum and excitement for other areas of ministry

6. Generates confidence for the future and grows faith in God

Eleven Tips for Success in Your Congregational Campaign:

1. Offer a clear, exciting vision worth supporting.

2. Make sure there is a committed core, who have been nurtured even while the vision has been defined.

3. Choose your timing strategically.

4. Campaign when your church is healthy.

5. Plan well and be seen to plan well. Exercise due diligence to build confidence and avoid mistakes.

6. Follow a thorough process for building broad ownership, including good communications over time.

7. Make a commitment to excellence in all aspects of a campaign and reflect that in the resources allocated to the campaign.

8. Involve the senior minister: the spiritual leaders must be seen to be committed and significantly involved.

9. Know and apply the fundamentals of good fundraising that builds up the congregation.

10. Encourage prayer about every aspect of the campaign, focusing on the impact of your congregation.

11. Celebrate your successes, at every stage.

Five Lessons Learned

1. The long-term commitment of the minister to the congregation can be crucial.

2. New people don’t give at same level as those who conduct a campaign, so budget for ongoing operations accordingly.

3. Prepare very well to integrate new people or you will lose them.

4. Older people often have more vision than young people.

5. Not everyone will be able to give.

6. Not all pledges will be fulfilled.

KMA Consultants offers expert services to congregations seeking to raise significant amounts of funds for building or other projects that may not be possible through annual giving. All KMA services are customized to your setting, taking into account the current capacity of your congregation to implement a successful campaign. We offer

• Pre-campaign planning studies

• Customized campaign plans

• Advice, direction and consultation during implementation

• Communications services