Our Approach

Meeting your needs

Charities and other not-for-profit organizations are the heart of every community. You create opportunities for the future. You lead in community progress. And you give voice to shared values like caring, compassion, justice, responsibility and trust. Ultimately, you improve the quality of life we enjoy together.

We exist to help you succeed. Yet every charity and not-for-profit organization is unique. Our task is to help you apply the best practices and proven techniques to your specific goals and circumstances.


  • Learn about your organization in depth
  • Offer customized approaches driven by your specific needs
  • Propose strategies that fit and that work
  • Collaborate with you in a way that expands your organization's capacity - an investment in your future
  • Commit to a personal approach. Our senior people are significantly involved with each client

We succeed when you do. And we work to make our collaboration a positive experience for everyone involved.

Asking for a proposal

Getting the assistance you need requires the right ingredients - significant expertise, professional objectivity, compatibility between the client and consultant, and solid trust. Just as important, however is confirming that we are a good fit for you and your colleagues. 

For us, that begins with a conversation. 

Contact us any time to begin a no-obligation discussion of your needs or challenges. 

If together we sense that we have the basis for a strong collaboration, we do whatever is required to be thoroughly briefed on your needs and goals, such as reading documents, and holding a teleconference or meetings with you and your colleagues. Then we prepare a detailed proposal for the services we think are necessary for you to reach your goals. Our proposal will specify the services, the fees, and the time frame. To get to this point, you incur no costs or obligation at all.

Why not call us now and get started? 

Our fees: controlling and predicting your costs

  • We quote fees based on the detailed proposal we make to you for services. 
  • Our fees reflect the time commitment we think will be required, and the level of engagement you want.
  • Most often we quote a complete price for the services we describe.
  • We have never asked a client to pay additional fees for any project that stays within its specified scope.