Capital Campaigns

A capital campaign is one of the biggest challenges an organization will face. At the same time, nothing does more to accelerate the long-term development of an organization than a successful one. KMA Consultants offers experienced, professional campaign consulting, campaign management and supervision, as well as related services in communications.

The Role of KMA in a Capital Campaign

1. Structure & Overall Strategy: KMA provides the professional expertise to devise an effective structure and strategy for the execution of a Capital Campaign. KMA functions as the chief strategist.

2. Staffing & Procedures: KMA advises on staffing and operating procedures and policies for the Campaign office. KMA is the resource for operational design.

3. Execution: KMA consults on all aspects of the Campaign, maintaining regular contact with Campaign office staff and leadership, and leadership of the organization. KMA is fully available and is the arms-length supervisor of the process. Depending on specific needs and capacities of the client organization, KMA's role can vary, from occasional consulting, campaign supervision, or direct campaign management.

4. Training: KMA trains and advises the leadership as necessary in all aspects of the Campaign, including training those who will train others to make calls. KMA is the coach for the lead volunteers, acquainting them with proven methods, techniques and procedures.

5. Communications: KMA consults on the key marketing communication tools for the Campaign. KMA is the communications specialist assisting the Campaign office and leadership. If the client has established relationships with suppliers for design and printing, KMA will work with those suppliers. Otherwise KMA can supply all related services.

The professional counsel generally does not solicit funds. This function is carried out entirely by volunteers, assisted by the organization's leadership and staff.