Pre-Campaign Planning Study

A pre-campaign planning study is an important part of preparation for a successful campaign. More than an assessment of fundraising potential, , the KMA approach also assesses your readiness to campaign and lays out a complete plan for its execution. The KMA Study Report gives the executive leadership and Board members the tools they need to make important decisions.

The KMA Pre-Campaign Planning Study


In capital fundraising it has been standard practice to conduct what was referred to as a "feasibility study" prior to the launch of a campaign – “feasibility” because decisions were being made about whether or not to proceed with a project or a campaign, and because the financial goal was yet to be settled.

Today the questions about potential are still paramount. Organizations want some sense of the degree to which they are likely to be successful prior to launch of a campaign. Otherwise they risk self-inflicted damage ranging from administrative inconvenience to failed projects, institutional embarrassment and financial crises.

But the question of “how much?” is incomplete if separated from “how?” At KMA we stress the importance of detailed planning. Unless your situation is unusual, we recommend the extra input provided by the KMA pre-campaign planning study. We provide crucial insight into the likelihood of success, but also deliver a detailed plan for the campaign itself.

Thus our assessment of your campaign potential does not stand alone but rather in the context of a campaign plan customized to address everything learned during the study.

The study also

  • Cultivates your key stakeholders and prospects by consulting them in the early stages of a campaign

  • Creates an opportunity for an independent third party to obtain a candid assessment of your organization from important constituents; provides you with advance intelligence on such matters as volunteer leadership and cornerstone gifts

  • Earns respect from donors who see you performing due diligence prior to a major undertaking

  • Tests the possibilities for widening your donor base

  • Assesses the strength of your relationships with major donors, and the degree to which your donor stewardship program has paved the way to securing larger gifts

  • Provides invaluable input for assessing your organizational case for support, and clear direction for any campaign case and communications

  • Assesses your readiness as an organization to campaign and proposes actions to heighten readiness

KMA Consultants Inc. highly recommends the KMA Pre-Campaign Planning Study as part of your organization's due diligence and its best option for campaign preparation.