Direct-response fundraisers: only the resolute need apply

The KMA whitemail experiment epilogue

All fundraising results are highly measurable but no one is easier to scrutinize than direct response marketers. My hat is off to you.

The KMA Whitemail Experiment tally

An instructive project but thin data to talk about multi-channel integration

The KMA whitemail experiment began on November 18, 2013 when I mailed cheques for $100 to eight charities, and made $100 online donations to four more – all to charities to which I’d ​never before given, and which have never been clients. I wanted to see what would happen next.

You can read the early posts starting here:

What comes second matters most

Seeking the elusive second gift

In direct response fundraising, it’s axiomatic that the second gift is more important than the first. By some industry reports, as many as two-thirds of people who respond to a solicitation and make a first-time gift to an organization never make a second gift.